Why Grain Free?

The team at Man’s Best believe a premium grain free recipe is superior and many informed, passionate dog owners are switching to premium grain free recipes.

It’s simple really; many dogs are allergic to corn, wheat and other grains which are often the source of skin issues and digestive problems. Grain free recipes are best for skin health and digestion and provide excellent energy and overall well-being.

Our premium grain free recipes are also fantastic for fussy dogs who know great ingredients when they taste them!

Grains are cheap and included in many foods to lower costs and bulk them up at the expense of nutrition. You won’t find grain in Man’s Best premium recipes, not now, not ever.

The Man’s Best team are unwavering in our focus on nutritional recipes for all best friends.

Choose grain free Man’s Best premium recipes for your healthy friend.

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Puppy All Breeds

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Adult All Breeds

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Adult All Breeds

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Adult All Breeds
Ocean Fish